Winners’ quotes

On last weekend, four tournaments were contested on both sides of the Atlantic ending with some amazing results. Let’s give the floor to the winners.

Danielle Kang

KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, Olympia Fields (Illinois)
Danielle Kang, 69,66, 68, 68

How does it feel to be a Major Champion winner?
I feel fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Having that Major Champion in my resumé, I don’t know what it will do. But I do know that having the U.S. Amateur as majors, and having a major win, it’s amazing.
How much this stressed you out this entire time.
Of course it was stressful. Every single shot was stressful. Every putt was stressful. I just kept trusting in my own game and trusting in my putting. It’s all about believing in what you can do.
That’s a really big trophy next to you. Has it sunk yet?
It hasn’t fully sunk in yet but this trophy is really heavy. I’m really happy. I won a big one, too. Big and heavy. It’s a sturdy little guy.

Kenny Perry

US Senior Open, Peabody (Massachusetts)
Kenny Perry, 65, 64, 67, 68

“For the 4th round,  I knew I needed to get off to a good start, and I was able to shoot 2 under on that front nine, so tough with some of those pin placements and everything. I was able to kind of gradually work my way up to a three-shot lead. Then I really started playing — I got to thinking percentage golf. I started firing up to all the middle of the greens, just let my putter two-putt, and force Kirk (Triplett) to make birdies and maybe he would make a mistake, short-side himself or something, which he didn’t.
What does this win mean to you?
 Everything. For the last two years, I have struggled. I haven’t done very well. Played very poorly, average golf, didn’t know where I was going, what I was doing. And then I changed caddies. Ryan Cochran, Russ Cochran’s son, caddied for me last week and this week. I just started using him, and I changed to a different putter. Next thing you know, I’m making putts, and it’s like I’m a kid again out there. I’ve been driving the ball beautifully all week — all year. I switched to this vertical groove driver, which has been fantastic. I just couldn’t get the ball in the hole. Then for it to all show up here this week at this championship is amazing. It means a lot to me.

Kyle Stanley

Chicken Loans National, TPC Potomac, Avenel (MD)
Kyle Stanley, 70, 70, 67, 66

Your first win since Phoenix in five years…
“Relief! It’s hard to put into words. It means a lot to me. I’ve had so much help from my coaches, my family, my wife. It’s hard to put into words right now. I’m sorry. Going into this week, I was extremely rusty. I can’t believe how well I’ve played.
It’s a confirmation we’ve been working on the right things. If anything, I think it’ll make me a little bit hungrier to get to work. I’m happy for a lot of people. Like I said, I’ve had a lot of help.”

HNA French Open, Golf National, Guyancourt
Tommy Fleetwood, 67, 66, 71, 66

Tommy Fleetwood

Your thoughts about this week?
It keeps going, doesn’t it. Just been a great week from start to finish. Coming off the back of good golf, U.S. Open and BMW Int’al in Germany, felt like I’ve been swinging it well. So it’s good to put it into practice. I’ve just kept up good form, really. I know everybody talks about my ball-striking when it’s good, but I felt like Saturday was impressive, just in a different way. I had to use my short game a lot, and I had to stay patient enough to stay in the tournament when I wasn’t playing well.
Today, it’s a day that I’ll never forget; the way I felt coming down the stretch, the holes and the shots you have to hit. And winning, it’s the best feeling by far in golf. And to do it on this golf course in this Rolex Series event, just, you know, massive, massive bonuses, I guess.
Royal birkdale is kind of close to home for you. How do you feel about going there for the Open Championship?
It’s obviously going to be an amazing experience support-wise. I live an hour away now.It’s going to be an experience that I’ve never had in my life and I think very few people get the chance to have a home crowd that’s massively in your favour and play a tournament where, however many people will be watching me, will all want me to do well.So I mean, good or bad, whatever the draw is, however I play, it’s going to be an experience that I’ll never forget just for the sheer support I think that I’m going to have, which is exciting in itself to look forward to.