A minute or two with the leader

117th US Open, Erin Hills

Brian, you’re the third round leader. How do you feel?
And also my first cut at the US Open. So we’re breaking down all kinds of barriers. I’m proud of the way I hung in there yesterday. I got off to a pretty good start, which I really haven’t done yet, so that was nice. Struck it well, had a couple putts that could have gone that didn’t, but had a bunch of looks, hit a bunch of greens, and that’s what you’ve got to do to play well around here.

Brian Harman, -12

lize there were a lot of opportunities on the back nine? No, obviously, Justin played a great round, but he was two, two-and-a-half hours before me. The golf course can change a lot, especially in an Open. So I didn’t put any expectations on myself after seeing how well he was playing.
How does winning recently affect your confidence today?
I think I’ll draw on some of the preparations I did for that week. Just kind of how I felt that morning before, because I remember specifically I kind of dealt with some of those emotions, yeah, we’ll see what happens.
How is it to have a leaderboard with so many young guys at the top in a major?
Well, a bunch of young guys have been winning on the PGA Tour, and a bunch of young guys have been doing really well in the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup, so I’m not very surprised. I think it’s just a matter of time before other younger guys start playing well.
Do you think things will tighten up a little bit for the 4th round from 2:54 pm on, your starting time?
It just depends. The wind is supposed to turn around and blow from a different direction, so that will change things. Out of the north, it’s going to be a little different golf course. So I don’t know. I’ll tell you afterwards, but it should be quite involved in our scores.