Unexpected quartet on top of the leaderboard

117th US Open, Erin Hills

Brooks Koepka, 2nd round co-leader

The 2nd round has expelled a good number of high end contenders and spectators’ darlings who felt queasy on the course. How did that round feel?
It felt all right. I putted well. I made two bad swings on the front nine. I got in the hazard on 1. And pulled the 4-iron on the par-3. If you do that you’re going to deserve a bogey out there. I felt like I made a couple of good putts there coming in on 8 and 9, just didn’t happen to go in. I’ll take it.
You’re in a good spot going into the weekend.
Yes, it will be good. Played really well. I feel pretty confident. And I’m excited. I’m driving the ball really well.
Do you feel calm out there, you looked pretty calm?
I’d say so. I mean it doesn’t really get me too worked up, whatever happens, bogey, double, birdie, eagle, I mean I’m pretty chill anyway. I’m enjoying it right now.
Was it easy?
It’s not easy by any means, it’s the U.S. Open. But I played pretty well. I made a few errant shots. But I’ve only hit 7-iron, that’s the longest I’ve hit into any par-4. When you’re doing that, you’ve got to be able to put it on the green. Some guys are hitting 4-iron into the greens, and having a wedge and a 9-iron. I’ve got to put it close.
You describe yourself as pretty chill in general, are you a scoreboard watcher?
 Yes. I mean they post it everywhere.
Do you like to know where you stand?
I don’t really care. It’s not Sunday afternoon. It doesn’t really matter. You’re not going to win it today. Just keep plugging along and try to do the best you can.
The first time you played here, did you feel you could be aggressive?
The fairways are wide enough. I’m trying to think. There was a couple of holes that the bunker kind of sticks out in the middle of the fairway. On 3 today, it was 350. We were worried about putting driver into that bunker. There’s maybe two or three holes, but other than that it’s bombs away.
Did you get a sense that the USGA tightened the setup a little today?
Maybe a little. The golf course is getting firmer. The greens are getting a little firmer, especially the last couple of holes it looked like they were going to die a foot past the hole and they’re rolling out three feet. That’s what you expect on a Friday afternoon. It’s not wet and raining it’s only going to get firmer.